Tools Every Man Should Own

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Every man should have at least a small collection of tools with which he can make minor repairs around the house.  The repair I personally find myself making on almost a weekly basis is to the drain on my dishwasher, which is mainly due to the fact that neither my…

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Membership has its Benefits  

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I’m usually a go-it-alone, do-it-yourself,  take no shortcuts kind of guy, but when I joined up with Virgin Mobile about eight years ago, I found out that membership has its benefits. What is Virgin? Virgin isn’t one of those flash in the pan, “We’ve got great coverage (in this specific…

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BMW’s Vision Next 100

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As of March 7th, BMW has been building excellence for 100 years.  It’s been a good run, right? Well, in Munich on the 100th anniversary, BMW let us know, loud and clear, that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Behold the future, BMW’s Vision Next 100. Karim Habib, Head of Design over at…

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A Fortnight in England

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I traveled with my father to England in order to visit some relatives and reconnect with my English roots.  We had just fifteen days, limited funds and a list longer than the Channel of things we wanted to see.  The up side of having a number of family members still living…

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