Wilderness Tours – A Family Adventure!

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Choosing our adventure My son turned 12 last week. We’d asked him what he’d like to do to celebrate his birthday – have friends over for a traditional birthday party or do something with just the family. His decision was to have a “family adventure”. With that in mind, we…

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The Importance of a Good Road Trip Soundtrack

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With Spring in the air and the temperatures warming, it’s time to start thinking about those summer road trips!  Every good road trip needs a soundtrack, but the soundtrack you choose is going to depend on your musical tastes, your travelling companions (mine is 9 years old) and, perhaps, your…

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House of Barons – Coiffeurs with class

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The situation… For the last 15 years or so, I’ve been cutting my own hair. It’s not as bad as it sounds… I started noticing grey around my temples and at the back of my head when I was about 20. Rather than embrace the grey, I just bought an…

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The Starfleet Academy Experience

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  Turning failure into opportunity Today I discovered that I haven’t properly been doing my job as both a geek and a father. When my father came up from Nova Scotia for a visit and suggested that we go over to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum to check out…

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Proper Pub Etiquette

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Here at Northern Gentleman we enjoy an occasional pint or two (or three…).  Having been a pub patron for quite a while, I’ve noticed that there seem to be two types of people who go to the pub: People who go to pubs regularly; and People who went into a…

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