Tools Every Man Should Own

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Every man should have at least a small collection of tools with which he can make minor repairs around the house.  The repair I personally find myself making on almost a weekly basis is to the drain on my dishwasher, which is mainly due to the fact that neither my…

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Membership has its Benefits  

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I’m usually a go-it-alone, do-it-yourself,  take no shortcuts kind of guy, but when I joined up with Virgin Mobile about eight years ago, I found out that membership has its benefits. What is Virgin? Virgin isn’t one of those flash in the pan, “We’ve got great coverage (in this specific…

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7″

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A while back I came into possession of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.  Normally I use it for watching movies or listening to podcasts while I commute to my office each morning (I take the train, it’s the more civilized way to travel…), but yesterday I was faced with spending…

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