Dishwashers and Divorces

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Dishwashers destroy marriages Hopefully this post remains online and isn’t smothered by the shadowy cabal that promotes dishwashers as a part of their population control scheme. If I can help just one man with this knowledge, then the risks I take in exposing the truth are worth it. The backstory When…

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Haliburton Highlands Brewing Irish Stout

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My wife recently traveled to the Haliburton Highlands as part of a girls’ getaway weekend. While there, she discovered Haliburton Highlands Brewing. She was so impressed by their beer that she brought a six-pack sampler home for me. Tonight I tried the Irish Stout. This was recommended to her by…

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Bond Style, on a Budget

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Bond, James Bond.  For 50 years he has been the epitome of style and elegance.  Depending on the Bond, he’s either been a rough and tumble man’s man (Dalton or Craig), a sophisticated scallywag (Moore), a debonair gentleman (Connery), a suave lady-killer (Lazenby) or a mix of all of the…

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